Torf Corporation Sp. z o.o.

Torf Corporation


Kąty Wrocławskie,



Asprova APS schedules production for Torf Corporation Sp. z o.o., a Polish cosmetics manufacturer, specializing in facial and body care cosmetics and oral care products. Their portfolio includes over 700 products with over 2,000 components, 800 raw materials, and 1,200 different packing formats. Every month, 3 million units leave the factory—produced on 20 machines and 16 packing lines.

With a great variety of products and formats, frequent machine changeovers, and having to manage many materials across the whole production chain that converge at picking and packaging, manual scheduling was impossible. Coordination and synchronization is key when it comes to these requirements, and this is why Torf decided to implement Asprova APS software.

Asprova automatically schedules orders for different capacities of departments—correctly grouping by the mass index of the base and allocating resources optimally. The planner uses the end-to-end visualization to quickly assess the schedule. With Asprova software, Torf realized significant improvements from synchronized processes, minimized changeovers, lower raw material and WIP inventory, and a shorter production cycle—all of which resulted in a considerably simplified production.