Profim – Flokk sp. z o.o.






Profim, in Turek, Poland is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of office chairs. The production of different types of chairs usually requires several dozen operations, which are supported by industrial robots.

Profim’s goal was to completely eliminate the necessity for manual scheduling in MS Excel, which had caused numerous errors and asynchronous processes.

Asprova APS was implemented in 2015 and linked with IFS ERP and Opera MES. Now, due to optimal —end-to-end—sequence scheduling all production processes are synchronized and the production lead time has been drastically reduced. This also improved on-time delivery performance, employee efficiency and the better use of production capacity on individual lines. Inventory work-in-progress has been reduced by 70 %, the company’s output has increased, and cash flow improved. Thanks to Asprova, they now have full transparency across all production processes for current production and an overview of the production schedule weeks and months in advance.