JEMAKO Produktionsgesellschaft mbH





Nicht-Metall, Prozessindustrie

Jemako International GmbH is a leading manufacturer of highly effective cleaning and care products based in Germany. Their portfolio includes cleaning equipment and chemical detergents for household cleaning as well as body care products. Jemako is repeatedly awarded as the most popular brand for cleaning and care products in recent years.

Manufacturing processes of their cleaning materials encompass everything from cloth cutting to packaging. Another line at Jemako produces chemical detergents with mixing, homogenizing, and bottling processes. Right after production, the capacity of tanks remains locked until after bottling and cleaning. For this, Asprova provides “resource lock” functionality.

For frequent sales campaigns, up to 50 different items are bundled into various sets posing a big scheduling challenge for automatic and timely replenishment. Make-to stock scheduling will soon be fully rolled out at Jemako, orchestrated by Asprova APS.