Jabil Circuit Inc.

Electronic scaled


St. Petersburg,
Florida / USA



Jabil is a global manufacturer of electronic components with over 260,000 employees in 30 countries. Asprova APS was first implemented in 2016 in Huangpu, China—one of Jabil’s largest sites—followed by their factories in Mexico, Ukraine, and Poland. The scheduling software is integrated into the SAP ERP system and schedules the entire value-added chain: SMT lines, inspections, and assembly lines.

Before Asprova was implemented, they scheduled manually in Excel. By utilizing Asprova’s fully-automated scheduling, the time spent creating schedules was drastically reduced. Scenario simulation gave full transparency of the impact of possible missing parts and material fluctuation—even weeks ahead. As a result, the schedule is now fully synchronized end-to-end and buildup of excessive WIP is avoided.