Cerera Foods






With the implementation of Asprova APS, the Lithuanian food and beverage company, Cerera Foods Ltd. substantially increased resource utilization, improved delivery reliability, and decreased their production costs.

Cerera Foods is a leading breakfast cereal manufacturer in the Baltic States. They produce their own brand of cereals as well as custom branded products for private labels. Their products are sold in over 40 countries worldwide and exports account for over 80% of total sales.

Asprova APS was implemented in 2012 for scheduling extrusion and packing processes. With the help of Asprova APS the production plan factors in all capacity constraints and generates precise, up-to-date scheduling data for over 2000 different products.

Asprova APS functionalities allow the user to map all process rules and restrictions, e.g. ingredients (recipes), and calculates optimal production sequencing in order to minimize changeover time (such as scheduling the washing of tanks and equipment after a product change).