UAB Maiselis

Plastic Industry




Non-Metal, Other

Maiselis Ltd, the largest producer of polyethylene products in Western Lithuania, implemented Asprova in 2016 with the goals of reducing raw material and WIP inventory, minimizing changeover times, and shortening production lead time.

Maiselis offers a wide range of HDPE/MDPE/LDPE/CPP packaging and exports about 80% of their production, being well-established in their industry with over 20 years of experience.

Asprova APS was a key part of Maiselis’ digital transformation: every unique order specification connected to parametric BOM functionality is administered in Asprova. Within minutes, Asprova schedules operations for all processes (extrusion, printing, cutting, packing processes) and resources end-to-end.

Using Asprova, Maiselis was able to reduce raw material and WIP, minimize changeover times, and shorten production lead times. Due to real-time data exchange between Asprova and the shop floor, as well as fast scheduling and visualization, Maiselis can now identify late orders and instantly schedule rush orders.