Turkish Aerospace




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Turkish Aerospace is a leading technology center in Turkey, specializing in the development, modernization, production, system integration, and life cycle support of aerospace industry systems. For optimizing their manufacturing processes, Turkish Aerospace chose Asprova APS.


As one of the top hundred global players in the aviation and space industry, Turkish Aerospace boasts a workforce of about 15,000 employees. Their extensive capabilities include manufacturing complete aircraft, helicopters, and complex components for commercial and defense aviation. With state-of-the-art facilities for composite manufacturing, mechanical parts machining, forming, autoclaves, heat treatment, chemical processing, paint shop, harness assembly, and multiple assembly lines, Turkish Aerospace is equipped for complex production processes.


The challenge was to synchronize the processes across 26 interconnected factories, ensuring just-in-time delivery of components to assembly lines. In July 2023, Asprova implementation commenced at Turkish Aerospace’s Aerostructure Presidency, responsible for supplying core components to all assembly lines and commercial aircraft manufacturers. With more than 6500 employees working in this division, Turkish Aerospace is on track to successfully roll out Asprova to all 26 plants within a three-year timeframe.