HS Baco Panels LLC






HS Baco Panels in Comănești, Romania, is part of the HS Timber Group and has the world’s largest blockboard plant. They employ about 840 people and have an annual production capacity of 145,000 m³ of blockboard that is delivered to 40 countries worldwide.

Asprova has been scheduling the entire value-added chain for four production lines since being implemented in 2013. Fully integrated with their own ERP, Asprova pulls in order information and generates a schedule that is optimized for all processes, including pressing, sanding, trimming, kiln drying, chamfering, planing, gluing, sealing, and coating. This end-to-end solution gives improved visibility of everything that is happening along the production chain.

Before Asprova, HS Baco had been manually scheduling using Excel—struggling with a huge amount of orders with looping processes. With Asprova, they could develop a tailored scheduling logic that managed WIP that had to be processed again on various resources. The result was improved sequencing that could not have been handled manually, and orders completed with the shortest possible lead time.