Gebauer & Griller Kabeltechnik

Elektronik Kabelfertigung 
Gebauer Griller


Czech Republic


Automotive, Other

The Austrian Gebauer & Griller Group produces technically high-quality cables, wires, and harnesses for the automotive industry at 11 locations worldwide.

Its Czech plant performs highly complicated manufacturing with dozens of stages (cutting, welding, crimping, assembly and more), so pre-production (make-to-stock) and final production (make-to-order) must be synchronized.

With Asprova, Gebauer & Griller has achieved significant benefits:

  • Synchronization of production processes which lead to reduced stagnant WIP, finished goods inventory, and costly extra transport for delayed deliveries.
  • Standardization of the scheduling process.
  • Improved data quality in the ERP: data precision increased from 70% to 99.8%, driven by Asprova.

Data is directly imported from SAP to Asprova, which enabled the plant to eliminate duplicate data maintenance. Further benefits are automatic daily reports: “predictive KPI” for short, medium, and long-term planning, to support management decisions.