Danwood Sp. Z o.o.

dan wood


Bielsk Podlaski,



Since 2017, Asprova APS has been successfully scheduling the production for Dan-Wood, Poland’s largest manufacturer of timber-frame, turn-key, energy-efficient houses. Two factories produce over 2,000 houses annually, with 90% delivered to Germany.

Asprova synchronizes all production processes, considering material fluctuations. Houses are made-to-order units, consisting of 5-20 rooms of different sizes. Production occurs on four flow lines, with final assembly on a conveyor line, requiring timely sub-unit availability. The fully automatic Asprova APS software enables a single planner to efficiently schedule for multiple factories in just 30 minutes a day. Integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and EQ System Poland’s MES, Asprova schedules Dan-Wood’s production end-to-end, achieving just-in-time manufacturing.