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Asprova schedules the production of chocolates, dragées, candies, nougat, and caramels for Lacasa Chocolates in Zaragoza, Spain since 2018. The family business, founded in 1852, is one of the leading national producers of chocolate varieties, which are widely present in international markets today.

Lacasa implemented Asprova to improve operational efficiency, scheduling according to resources’ finite capacities, reflecting the reality on the shop floor. For Lacasa, speed and agility are essential as their business is variable and demands fast calculations to respond to all incidents, rescheduling quickly according to different possible scenarios depending on the circumstances.

Asprova, integrated with their ERP systems SAP and BPCS, generates manufacturing orders for Lacasa and schedules all processes from the confectionery workshop through various stages to finished product. Asprova completes a detailed scheduling run in 3-4 minutes, an order of magnitude faster than anything else on the field.