BERLYS Alimentación, S.A.



Mutilva (NAVARRA),


Food & Beverages

Berlys is part of the Monbake Group and one of the largest frozen-dough companies in Spain. They have continuous processes (kneading, forming, fermentation, baking, freezing, packaging) where production begins and ends on the same line. They have primarily make-to-stock production. Asprova, since being implemented at Berlys, sequences the production orders and exports them to SAP.

Berlys has been using ASPROVA since 2011, initially to simplify the manual planning of two plants with the same product, making sure that regional demand for each product was fulfilled while taking all the restrictions of production into account. Now, 3 factories schedule with Asprova. One of the biggest advantages Asprova gave is the visualization of different production orders in the GANTT chart, enabling allocation of each order to the best day and shift.