Alumil S.A.






ALUMIL S.A. Greece is one of the largest and most trusted names in aluminum window & door systems. Alumil operates worldwide with over 30 subsidiaries.

Go-live in their factory in Kilkis near Thessaloniki was in April 2022. Asprova is scheduling the entire value-added chain consisting of 4 aluminum extrusion lines, considering thousands of die resources, thermal treatment, mechanical process, powder coating, anodizing, assembly, packing.
Asprova takes over the automated generation of master data, creating all production orders based on customer orders and calculating raw material consumption as well as feedback processing and scrap replenishment. Extrusion is grouped by alloy, profile, and maximum production sizes per die. All processes following extrusion are synchronized. The paint shop is scheduled in color groups (light to dark in specified time horizon) according to WIP.

The rollout to Alumil’s 2nd plant in Belgrade, Serbia started in March 2023.