KPI - Key Performance Indicators

Monitoring and Evaluating the Schedule Based on KPI

  • Asprova evaluates, documents and displays schedules automatically. These results can be used for direct comparisons, thereby revealing the most optimal planning scenario.
  • Amongst the many KPI that Asprova provides:
    • Delivery Reliability
    • Lead Times 
    • Inventory Fluctuations
    • Resource Productivity 
    • Waiting Times 
    • Transportation Times
    • Setup Time Proportion
    • Custom KPI
    • And many more
  • The overall quality of the project can be judged according to monetary KPI. Individual orders, resources and items have monetary KPI, as well as a variety of other specific KPI, including:
    • Lot Splitting
    • Lot Size Reduction
    • Capacity Adjustments
    • Changes in Manufacturing Processes
  • KPIs show in which processes a reduction in setup time is going to have a positive impact on total efficiency. 
  • Furthermore, it is possible to use KPIs to simulate the undertaking of measures for production efficiency improvement.