Order Management

Production orders can be handled in a variety of ways.

Asprova considers incoming materials and changes in inventory stocks in real time, which greatly improves scheduling results accuracy and feasibility. Optimized results (in order sequence, process start times and -end times, etc.) are exported to the ERP system.

Manufacturing orders may be imported from the ERP system, after which optimization can commence.

Sales order may be imported into Asprova from the ERP system. Asprova creates production orders with correct timings and volum in responce to dynamic inventory fluctuations. In addition, it is possible to link production orders to multiple sales order, and vice versa.

Items can be given a minimum inventory stock level (safety stock). Asprova automatically creates replenishment orders to prevent inventory levels from dropping below below the minimum. Individual minimum stock levels may be defined for seasonal fluctuations in demand.

Daily sales forecasts for products and customers can be imported into Asprova. Manufacturing orders are initially created on the basis of imported sales forecasts. After reception of an actual customer order, manufacturing orders can be updated.

Asprova Fully automatic detailed planning with APS