Realisitc Scheduling by Accurate Resource Mapping

Complete mapping of all resources, including specifications and restrictions, is a basic requirement for realistic detailed planning. For this purpose, Asprova has numerous standard parameters that make additional programming obsolete.

Some examples:

Maximum and minimum manufacturing limits are defined for all resources. (size, format, temperature, etc.)

Resource specifications, including materials, configurations, recipes, product attributes, etc. that may be processed on this resource, are registered in detail. Asprova automatically assigns items and orders to appropriate resources accordingly.

Resources become assigned for order processing if the criteria thereof are met. For example: A specific resource may only be selected for order with a manufacturing quantity of 110 pieces or greater.

Transitional time for items is managed as master data for every resource and does not need to be handled through an ERP system.

It is possible to set maximum interruption periods for processes. For example: You may set a furnace to allow operations thereon to be interrupted for the weekend, but not during week day nights. Based on this, Asprova calculates optimal slots and dates for process assignment.

It is possible to specify a follow up resource for a process. In other words: a resource that needs to be used during the next process - even in the case of existing alternatives.

Asprova Fully automatic detailed planning with APS