Asprova: Advanced Planning and Scheduling

The Asprova Corporation was founded in Tokyo, Japan in 1994 with the mission to develop the most advanced planning system, specifically for just-in-time production. Fulfilling the high demands of Japan's leading manufacturers, it soon becomes the leading production planning system.

Asprova APS is easily integrated into existing IT systems (as a standard-software) and helps create most optimal production plans that reduce costs in multiple areas.

With the help of Japan's top manufacturers, the software has been continually advanced in functionality and scope. Thousands of adjustable standard parameters allow for utilization in nearly any manufacturing industry - without any need of programming!

In 2008, the Asprova AG is established in Wetzlar, Germany, as a means to distributing and supporting companies throughout Europe. A close-knit and ever expanding network of retail partners and support partners help the European manufacturing industry flourish.

The trifecta is completed with the expansion to the United States of America in the year of 2013. Opening office in Bowie, Maryland, as the North American Headquarters, the Asprova Corporation now spans the entire globe in an effort to revolutionize manufacturing efficiency.

Company Fact Sheet

  • More than 2600 customers worldwide
  • 58.4% market share in Japan
  • Industries: Automotive, electrical, electronic, semi-conductor, mechanical engineering, construction, metal, aerospace, ship-building, plastic, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetic
  • Headquarters in Tokyo and Osaka (Japan), Shanghai (China), Seoul (Korea), Wetzlar (Germany), and Washington (North America)
  • A growing international network of sales- and implementation partners