Case Study from Asprova APS System at Iida & Co., Ltd.

Initial Situation

  • Increasing demand for various products in small batch sizes requires for reformation of process management.
  • Inaccurate plans that are based on estimates lead to uncoordinated and inefficient manufacturing.
  • Production status is unclear, resulting in lengthy reaction times.
  • The planning department struggles with personnell changes, as it is based on experience.

Advantages with Asprova

  • Asprova is completely specialized on production planning.
  • It is capable of completely restructuring the manufacturing process.
  • Order quantities are dynamically considered, among many other factors.
  • Clarity in production status constitutes the basis for being able to quickly react to customer inquiries.

Benefits of Introducing Asprova

  • With order acceptance, resource capacities are considered in production planning, which allows for highly accurate delivery time estimates.
  • Fast and accurate processing of order change requests.
  • Improved production efficiency and cost-consciousness
  • Explicit personnel- and parts management, with an always recognizable production status

Iida & Co., Inc. has always placed great importance on progressive manufacturing technology and manufacturing equipment. With the introduction of new machines, it has completely neglected the IT-side of things, however. This has resulted a lacking overview of production processed and inefficiency - the reason being inflexible planning that is based on estimates and experience. Additionally, order quantities have hardly been taken into consideration.

A combination of a newly designated production management team and a production scheduling system is to be implemented to for this reason. A big contributing factor to this decision have been the many convincing success stories of Asprova! The step-by-step introduction leads to improvements almost immediately: The customer order acceptance department is now able to take all relevant factors into account when providing information about production status and parts requirements. And delivery dates are now kept consistently without the need to work overtime. Overall working conditions have been improved notably.

Iida & Co., Ltd.

Established: 1956

Initially a manufacturer and processor of sheet metal parts for copy machines, Iida & Co., Ltd. expands its range to include elecronic components and precision engineered products in its portfolio.

Production is divided among seven factories throughout Japan, with additional ones in China and in the Philippines. Its highly sought-after products and technologies are exported to southeast-asia, Europe, and the United States of America.