Case Study at Okamoto

Initial Situation

  • Production lead time hovers around forty day.
  • Excessive inventory stocks of semi-finished products and finished products exist.
  • Rar materials are not planned for in advance, wherefore no single-cost calculation can be made.

Advantages of Asprova

  • Asprova helps in quickly reacting in the case of changes to delivery deadlines.
  • A standardized plannig process enables for simple and effective operation.
  • Increase process efficiency and optimized inventory stock management are two of the many major improvements that come from effective planning.

Achievements with Asprova

  • Implementation has been completed in two months.
  • Throughput has been reduced from 40 days down to 21 days.
  • Communication between the planning department and the production department has become seamless and direct.
  • Precise raw material calculation allow for single-cost calculations and help minimize inventory stocks.

Back in the nineties, knitwear producer Okamoto aims to shorten cycle times and improve production efficiency with the help of the Asprova production scheduling system. After celebrating great success, the manager of the chinese factory introduces Asprova with hopes of achieving similar success.

Operating a very similar production line, the knowledge gained during the first implementation in Japan is used to make a swift implementation of only two months.

The result is astounding: Throughput times are halved, while improved flexibility allows managers to instantly respond to order changes.

Pre-emptively aquiring the most advanced scheduling software, Asprova, has led to optimal resource utilization, preventing bottleneck processes from emerging and stunting growth!

Okamoto Corporation

The Okamoto Corporation is a knitwear producer with headquarters and production in Japan. Another production facility is located in Zhangjiakou, about 100 km north-west of Shanghai.