Optimization through Stepwise Planning

Every factory has different challenges in terms of production scheduling and supply chain planning because their product properties are very different. The manufacturing and supply chain processes also have individual and very different rules and restrictions. It is not possible to achieve the best scheduling results with a simple backward or forward scheduling logic or with just one scheduling run.

The Asprova APS software offers target-oriented, customizable stepwise planning:

  1. Basic setting: defining the customer’s requirements for the best possible scheduling results (on-time delivery, lead time, inventory, productivity, manufacturing costs, bottleneck management, OEE, …)
  2. Fine parameterization: parameter optimization for various process properties.
  3. Scheduling rules: customized dispatch rules for each scheduling run can be linked to each property, and can be sorted and prioritized according to:
    • Sales orders, inventory replenishment, unconfirmed orders, forecast orders
    • ABC customer
    • Resources
    • Materials
    • Order / article specifications (color, dimensions, setup changeover rules, BOM input material)
    • Freely definable features
  4. With each scheduling run, processes, sequence, priorities, … are optimized by the multi-level logic.
    • Each step contains commands for optimizing individual processes (e.g. for minimizing set-up times).
    • The sequence of the steps and their content are holistically aimed at overall efficiency.
  5. Combine multiple, consecutive scheduling runs to obtain the best scheduling result.
  6. The planner, with the push of a button, acquires the optimal scheduling result (whereby multiple scheduling runs are executed in the background).