PVC-Plate Production

Process Synchronization through Optimal, Sequential Scheduling

PVC-plate production involves a long and complex production process, throughout which numerous cooling phases are scattered. The biggest challenge lies in synchronizing make-to-order processes with batch production processes.

  • Holistic Process Synchronization
  • Minimized Lead Times and Inventory Stocks
  • Flawless Delivery Reliability

Requirements to Asprova

  • Reduce Setup Times of the Decoration Processes
  • Manage Order Sequencing per Resource, so as to Handle Orders with Identical Colors Consecutively
  • Consideration of Various Item Specifications and Resource Capabilities
  • Consideration of Alternative Routes
  • Preferred Routes and Resources
  • Consideration of Limited Oven Capacity
  • Bottleneck-Oriented Scheduling

Result with Asprova APS

  • Shorter Deliver Times
  • Holistic Process Synchronization through Optimal, Sequential Scheduling
  • Drastically Shortened Production Lead Times through Bottleneck-Oriented Planning
  • Massive Reduction in Intermediate Parts
  • Increased Resource Efficiency
  • Improved Transparency in Factory and Order Status
  • Greater Flexibility in the Case of Order Changes, Rush Orders, Machine Failure, etc.
  • 90 % Reduction in Planning Efforts