Car Bumper Manufacturing

Efficient use of resources and increased productivity

Challenge: bumper modules must be delivered to the car manufacturer „just-in-sequence” and are usually produced to order. The processes for plastic injection and painting have to be scheduled optimally, in takt with and as near as possible to the just-in-sequence delivery date.

  • Holistic Process Synchronization
  • Minimized Lead Times and Inventory Stocks
  • Flawless Delivery Reliability


  • Multi-Stage Machine, Mold, and Worker Planning
  • Just-in-Sequence Delivery
  • Consideration of Material Availability
  • Consideration of Various Item Specifications and Resource Capabilities
  • Consideration of Alternative Routes
  • Preferred Routes and Resources
  • Optimal Provision of Molds
  • Optimal Timing of External Setup
  • Optimal Timing of Maintenance Measures for Machines and Molds
  • Reduced Planning Efforts

With Asprova APS

  • Minimized Delivery Times
  • Elimination of Stagnation through Just-in-Sequence Planning
  • Just-in-Time Resource Availability
  • Process Synchronization by Scheduling with Finite Resource Capacities
  • Improved Resource Efficiency through Optimal, Sequential Scheduling
  • Increased Transparency in Factoriy and Order Status
  • Greater Flexibility in the Case of Order Changes, Rush Orders, Machine Failure, etc.
  • Dramatically Reduced Planning Efforts
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