Process Industry Planning with Asprova APS System

Improved Productivity and Transparency

Many processes include weighing, mixing, homogenizing, filling, and many more steps. A product can be manufactured on varying, alternative resources, whereby required sub resources are used in the production of other products. In all of this, minimum and maximum waiting intervalls between processes for intermediate products, as well as product shelf lives of finished products, need to be considered.

  • Holistic Process Synchronization
  • Minimized Lead Times and Inventory Stocks
  • Flawless Delivery Reliability


  • Reduce Finished-Goods Inventories
  • Consideration of Various Item Specifications and Resource Capabilities
  • Consideration of Alternative Routes
  • Prioritized Routes and Resources
  • Consideration of Minimium and Maximum Time Constraints between Processes
  • Handle Resource Lock-Down Times after Processing Specific Materials
  • Consideration of Material Availability
  • Maximize Flexibility
  • Improve Transparency
  • Handle the Highly Complex Production Setup

With Asprova APS

  • Shorter Delivery Times
  • Synchronized Processes thanks to Optimal Sequential Scheduling
  • Drastic Reduction in Finished Product Inventories
  • Increased Resource Efficiency
  • Improved Transparency in Factory and Order Status
  • Greater Flexibility in Reacting to Order Changes, Rush Orders, Machine Failure, etc.
  • Substantial Reduction in Planning Efforts