Baking Industry

Process Synchronization through Optimal Order Sequencing

Scheduling various types of breads becomes increasingly complex when handling multiple orders in a single process (a large oven). The aim is to establish an squence of orders that, when executed, results in the least amount of waiting time between processes.

  • Holistic Process Synchronization
  • Minimized Lead Times and Inventory Stocks
  • Flawless Delivery Reliability


  • Precise Worker Planning
  • Timely Production Process Starts
  • Optimal Lot Sizes
  • Consideration of Required Waiting Times Between Kneading and Backing Processes
  • Consideration of Limited Resource Capacities
  • Consideration of the Limited Number of Ovens
  • Bottleneck Scheduling
  • Quick and Flexible Planning Method

With Asprova APS

  • Optimal Worker Assigment
  • Superior Delivery Reliability
  • Optimal Sequential Scheduling under Consideration of all Restriction
  • Dramatically Shortened Throughput Times
  • Massively Decreased Intermediate Parts
  • Increased Resource Efficiency
  • Improved Transparency in Factory and Order Status
  • Greater Flexibility in the Case of Order Changes, Rush Orders, Machine Failure, etc.
  • 90 % Reduction in Planning Efforts