Planning and Scheduling is in Our Genes.

Planning and Scheduling is the backbone of a manufacturing company and combines complex challenges with immense potential. Digitizing and optimizing the intersection of interdisciplinary processes is the crucial component for efficient production and a challenge that we master for our customers every day.

3.600+ Success Stories Worldwide.

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Think Ahead, Act on Time!

Enabling factories worldwide to achieve the highest possible manufacturing standards, to be lean, efficient, and cost-effective is the vision behind the resounding success. The reasons why manufacturing companies’ daily business is more about extinguishing today’s fires than optimizing tomorrow’s processes are the enormous shortcomings of manual planning and its far-reaching impact on all areas of industrial production. Our unrelenting mission has always been to provide industrial production with a real alternative to manual planning in the form of effective planning and scheduling solutions that change this reality for good.

“Think ahead, act on time!” – Planning the future and acting efficiently is in our genes. With proactive planning and scheduling, frontloading management and absolute efficiency, our solutions transform our clients’ potential into tangible results.

The level of detail, which does the reality of production processes justice and can consequently stand in as a benchmark, is the key to success. Only in combination with a powerful engine based on a sophisticated algorithm does it deliver immediate and holistic plans, simulations, and results. Perfecting this interaction and opening the door to resounding success for our customers is both our aspiration and our motivation.

For the resilience of the manufacturing sector, 30 years of expertise from the world’s lean elite have gone into the development of the planning and scheduing solution and are included in the standard. Freely configurable for all areas of industrial production and all parts of the value-added chain, Asprova’s APS and SCP systems are the building blocks of optimal planning and scheduling and our contribution to a future-proof industry.




Market Share in Japan

Milestones and History.

Asprova has been writing success stories worldwide for 30 years. The collaborative expertise from practice and research flows unceasingly into the further development of software solutions that redefine standards. After 30 years, it is time to look back at the milestones that have made Asprova what it is today: the heart of industrial production, regardless of the industry or complexity of the production processes.


New Release: Asprova Version 17.0

The new user interface meets a completely redesigned HTML view. With a new look featuring new icons, color palettes and easier window configuration, Asprova 17.0 is not only more modern but also more user-friendly. The completely redesigned HTML view now allows direct, bi-directional access to all data for dynamic display and control.


The Number 1 APS Provider

A market study by CIBA (Center Integrated Business Applications) and FIR e.V. (Research Institute for Rationalization) at the RWTH Aachen University on APS solutions for planning and scheduling tasks has revealed: In a direct comparison of 22 APS providers, Asprova is the all-rounder and the undisputed number 1.


DDMRP Certification

Asprova APS has received certification from the Demand Driven Institute DDI as DDMRP Compliant Software. And with it the seal of approval that demand-driven material requirements determination is also easy for Asprova


Bigger Offices for our Growing Team

The Goethe and Optics city of Wetzlar was and is the home of Asprova GmbH. The personnel growth also required spatial growth. Since then, over 600 light-flooded square meters provide our team with the space that the demands of the European market require.


Tomohiro Tanaka Becomes Managing Director

The company's founder Kuniyoshi Takahashi appoints the former technical director and chief programmer Tomohiro Tanaka as managing director of Asprova Corp. Japan and becomes the chairmanship of the board.


METI Award

Our developers were awarded the "Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award" (METI) at the "Monodzukuri Nippon Grand Awards" 2017 for Asprova APS. Presented by the Prime Minister of Japan, this award honors outstanding individuals for pioneering achievements in Monodzukuri (Japanese: manufacturing).


The Founding of Asprova USA

Asprova strengthens its global presence and establishes a new location in North America. Our subsidiary in Maryland, USA now offers direct support for Asprova users in the Americas, without detours.


New Product Offensive: Supply Chain Planning

With the introduction of Asprova SCP, the optimal complement to Asprova APS is launched. The APS logic is raised to another level for cross-plant applications in supply chain planning: Asprova SCP - a holistic system for the precise control and synchronization of the entire supply chain.


Kick-start European Partner Network

The first partners become part of our network to serve the increasing demands of the European market across the board. 47 countries, about 150 languages in over 10 million square kilometers - Europe is diverse, the Asprova family is becoming more diverse.


The Founding of Asprova AG Germany

Keiji Fujii, company founder and managing partner of Asprova GmbH, introduces Japan’s guarantee for success to Germany and beyond. In the decades of his lean consulting work, the need for a powerful APS system manifested itself. At the same time, there was a lack of solutions for automated planning and scheduling on the European market. He found the system that could adequately and effectively solve the planning and scheduling problems of his customers across Europe in Asprova APS.


1000 Asprova Users Worldwide

Thousand Asprova users, a milestone that is both a confirmation and a call to action. Asprova convinces, Asprova grows.


Complete Revision

Completely revised with a new code base, Asprova launches with even more power and speed.


SAP Interface Certification

SAP issues the first certification for data exchange between Asprova and SAP R/3 using BAPIs and Netweaver.


World’s First: APS Standard Software

Kuniyoshi Takahashi founds Asprova Corp. and launches Japan's first standard software for industrial production planning and scheduling.

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Linking Competences Globally.


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Keiji FujiiCEO
Gábor KörtvélyessyTechnical Director
Fabian WeißSenior Consultant & Head of Partner Network
Stefan SchneiderSenior Consultant & Head of Technical Support
Kenji FujiiHead of Marketing
Yutaka Müller-MarkLean Master

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