Asprova: Advanced Planning and Scheduling

Asprova Corporation was founded in Tokyo, Japan in 1994 and specializes in the development of Advanced Planning and Scheduling Systems (APS). The production planning software was developed to meet the demanding requirements of top lean production for just-in-time production and is used by many well-known Japanese production companies.

Integrated into the existing IT environment, Asprova optimises your production planning and makes a considerable contribution to cost optimisation.

The Asprova software is a standard software and suitable for use in a wide range of industrial sectors. Over 99% of customer-specific adaptations are made by adjusting the numerous standard parameters available - without programming! This keeps the implementation effort very low.

Asprova AG: The base for Europe

In 2008 Asprova AG was founded in Wetzlar (Germany) as a sales and implementation base for Europe. In order to satisfy the industry-specific requirements and customer needs, we support our system partners in questions concerning the marketing and implementation of the system.

2013: Foundation of Asprova Inc. in Maryland (USA) for North America.

Company Fact Sheet

  • More than 3000 customers worldwide
  • 60% market share in Japan
  • Industries: Automotive, electrical, electronic, semi-conductor, mechanical engineering, construction, metal, aerospace, ship-building, plastic, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetic
  • Headquarters in Tokyo and Osaka (Japan), Shanghai (China), Seoul (Korea), Wetzlar (Germany), and Washington (North America)
  • A growing international network of sales- and implementation partners